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13:30 - 14:00 | Blueprint LDN Keynote Theatre

OpenSource Hybrid Infrastructure marketing BS or something real?

Wednesday September 22nd 2021


Pretty much all infrastructure technologies being implemented today have open source components being used in critical areas, and this applies even more so to the deployment of hybrid cloud technologies.

The question we want to answer is, can we really build a truly open source ecosystem to enable application portability and enable hybrid cloud workloads? There are many players out there who say they are doing it- and it looks great on the surface- but where do we stand if we unpack what an open ecosystem should look like?

Shaun has been designing and building Enterprise IT Infrastructure Solutions for 20+ years. His work with customers, advising on the journey to cloud and assisting in the development of cloud solutions, has given him a wide scope to learn and try new and diverse technologies

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