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Edge & IOT Theatre

The benefits of a coherent IoT strategy offer clear gains for many organisations, including access to new real-time data pipelines. How can enterprises maximise the return on machine data and what are the pitfalls to avoid when implementing new projects? The rise of IoT and the promise of pervasive 5G connectivity is driving data creation and data processing from the core to the edge of the network, leading to a complex and federated data model.

This theatre explores the implications for enterprise data and applications architectures and provides a roadmap to technology advantage.

Subject matter includes:

IoT Architecture – Edge Computing – 5G – Wi-Fi – Real-Time Applications – Streaming Data – Edge Gateways – Network Latency – Time Series Data – Bandwidth Costs – Data Gravity – Local Processing – Local Storage – Public Cloud – Data Centre – AI – Telemetry Data – Smart Objects – Video Analytics – Smart Cities