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Modern Software Development Theatre

The DevOps movement continues to evolve from its inception over a decade ago, with a renewed emphasis on designing for quality and security alongside the core aims around continuous software delivery. DevOps techniques are now being applied in the parallel fields of data engineering and machine learning, spawning the DataOps and MLOps approaches to rapidly deliver data pipelines and get ML models into production. This theatre also focuses on the strategic value of technologies such as Microservices and API Management tools as overarching frameworks, enabling IT leaders to enhance the productivity gains delivered by the DevOps revolution.

Meanwhile, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has become one of the most talked-about trends in technology, along with low-code and no-code development tools, which promise to empower a new army of ‘Citizen Developers’. Automation tools offer businesses a shortcut to revolutionary productivity and customer service gains, sidestepping the queue for scarce software development resources.

Enterprise IT leaders have been wary of the hype around these technologies, foreseeing a raft of data silos and brittle software products. However, the momentum behind digital transformation is unstoppable and businesses face an insatiable demand to automate their processes in software. This theatre examines how modern automation techniques can accelerate the critical ‘time to value’ metric, and how enterprise architecture leaders can harness this power successfully.

Subject matter includes:

RPA – Low-Code – No-Code – API Management – Microservices – Enterprise Architecture – DevOps – DataOps – Agile Development – CI/CD – DevSecOps – Software Testing – Application Containerization – Kubernetes – Code Repository Tools – Shift Left