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Multi-cloud & Containerisation Theatre

Cloud adoption brings clear benefits. However, a typical enterprise now uses multiple clouds for various functions, inevitably creating complex, siloed data architectures. There’s no reversing the trend towards multiple, hybrid cloud environments but it is time to regain control.

What are the tools and techniques that enable large enterprises to orchestrate their cloud and on-premise systems and mitigate strategic concerns around data portability and vendor lock-in? Surveys point to a renewed focus on Enterprise Data Management and the promise of the Data Fabric or Data Mesh as a solution to these problems. This theatre considers the way forward, looking at the importance of the separation of compute and storage and the ever-growing interest in Kubernetes and the containerisation of applications.

Subject matter includes:

Multi-Cloud – Hybrid Cloud – Kubernetes – Containerization – Service Mesh – Istio – API Management – Data Fabric – Data Mesh – Microservices – Open Source Software – Application Modernization – Data Gravity – Serverless – DataOps – DevOps